About Us

Private North was founded in 2020 by two former colleagues.

They wanted to create a world-class service for corporate aviation, which was missing in their hometown Helsinki, Finland.

Private North is the first catering company in Helsinki to provide a full luxury concierge service for private jets with international aspect.

Aviation has been a passion for the company founders Minna and Janika ever since they  both started to work within the industry in their early 20s.

They have both lived abroad several years working in aviation.

They share enthusiam towards corporate aviation. They also have the understanding for service excellence.

All the small details matters when it comes to good food and wine.

They know it takes a great preparation behind the scenes, before each flight to build the most luxurious  flying experience in a private jet.

Private North Team is here for you, with trust.

Minna Aaltonen

Founder and CEO

Minna has been working within aviation since 2006. She has lived abroad for 8 years in several countries working as a flight attendant for various airlines and corporate jets based in Europe.

”For me personally the most important value is cultural awareness. Understanding other cultures helps us to appreciate the diversity of the world. ”

Minna Aaltonen

Janika Haimi-Kaltio

Founder and CCO

Janika has been working in aviation industry since 2003. She first started as a cabin crew member in a major airline in Middle East. After some time, she moved on to private operations, first as a flight attendant for the Royal Family and later as a Cabin service manager for the Corporate airline. For the past few years, she has been working for a European national carrier.

Janika Haimi-Kaltio