Terms & Conditions


Orders are accepted and handled during our office hours (06:00-23:00LT)
Our fee for delivery to the airport is 200€
Orders for catering products and services must always be made by email using the address: order [at] privatenorth.com


Please include the following information with your order:

  • Tail number
  • Company name
  • ETD and the catering delivery time (LT). Please order your catering to the airport min.2 hours before your ETD
  • Number of PAX
  • Number of CREW
  • Your contact information (email and phone number)
  • A flight with or without a flight attendant



We recommend you to order your catering min. 24h before your ETD.

Orders made less than 8 hours prior to ETD, we add 50% of your order value.

Orders made less than 4 hours prior to ETD we add 100% of your order value.

The customer is required to check delivered goods immediately upon receipt.

Complains must be made without delay to the Private North team by phone or email.

No warranty or liability is assumed for deficiencies reported later on.


Cancellation Policy

Please cancel your order as soon as possible, always written by e-mail. 

In case of a cancellation 8 hours or less before the delivery time we will charge 50% of the order value.

In case of a cancellation 4 hours or less before the delivery time we will charge 100% of the order value.


Food Safety

To guarantee the safety of any food items we have delivered, all uncooked components and ready meals must be stored in a temperature controlled environment. In Finland, maintaining such environments at a temperature below 6°C is a legal requirement.

Once the catering is handed over to the local Handling Agent or customer, from then the responsibility lies with them to store the catering properly and keep it cooled before the departure of the aircraft.



Payment methods:

  • Credit card or cash
  • Payment is done directly to the member of Private North Team or Local Handling Agent (FBO)
    (There will be Handling fee at the airport by local Handling Agent)
  • Please note there will be an additional tax 14% on food and beverages, 24% on other products. On domestic flights only.